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Managed IT Services

Supporting your business, Managing your IT

At Panoptic IT Solutions, we can effectively offer you an outsourced IT department with our managed IT services contracts. In today’s busy world, technology is the backbone of virtually everything we do. It’s becoming increasingly
difficult to stay ahead of the curve and for many business owners it’s just not what they need to be doing. At
the same time, the cost of IT staff is increasing and it can be prohibitive to have an in-house IT department.
Even if you have someone on staff to handle the basics, they sometimes need outside help.

We get to know your setup
and the ins and outs of your network, then we’re on hand to support you – as and when you need it. In
addition, we supply a full range of hardware and software to support your needs.

Managed IT Service Contracts

While we do offer on-demand services, we primarily offer our services by means of a Managed IT Services contract with each respective business. Our contracts are very flexible and can be customised to the needs of each business. Having a contract with us enables you to avail of some or all of the following services, many of which are not available to
non-contract customers:

Priority Response

We put a IT Services Level Agreement in place whereby we guarantee to respond to you within a specific period of time.

Proactive Network & Device Support

We can remotely manage all the devices on your network and receive notifications when things are not as they should be. This allows us to resolve these issues immediately, usually without even needing to go onsite. This saves time and money but also leads to a far more efficient service. By dealing with issues before they become a problem, we reduce downtime for your business and therefore save money and increase productivity.

Remote Support

Using our built-in remote takeover tool, we can offer you direct support while you’re at your desk with almost instantaneous connection time and no need to download any 3rd party software. It’s like calling the IT guys and they’re at your desk immediately, ready to help.

Network Monitoring

Networks are the core that keep everything running, whether they are cabled, wireless, LAN or WAN, local or Internet, networks are the key. We can remotely monitor your networks to ensure they function correctly and even manage them from our own centralised system. You can find more information about networks on our Networking Services page.

Phone & Email Support

You also get access to our support desk by phone or email for any help or advice that you need.

Onsite Support

Where it’s necessary for us to go to your site to resolve an issue, we guarantee to be there within the timeframe specified in the Service Level Agreement. One of our IT Ninjas will arrive, resolve the issue and be gone before you even knew they were there! True IT Ninjas!

Workshop Repair Services

Where equipment needs to be repaired and it would not be economically viable to do so while on-site, we take the equipment back to our workshop, have it repaired, and then deliver it back to your site to ensure that it’s put back how it should be.

Cloud Based Services

We can set up, install and configure cloud services such as Office365 & G-Suite. As part of a Managed IT Services contract with us, we can manage all of this on your behalf.

Free Network Audit

We are acutely aware that each and every business has different needs, which is why
we offer a free assessment of your current infrastructure and IT environment. This
gives us a chance to chat with you and get a feel for how you operate and what you
feel may be slowing you down or causing you problems. We can then put together a
proposal specific to your particular business!
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FREE Consultation & Assessment OF YOUR Network Needs?

On-Demand Services

As an IT Service provider, we also offer on-demand services to business and domestic customers. These services include:

Callout Service to your business or home – these are charged at our regular labour rates and we cannot guarantee a response time as contract customers come first.

Break/Fix Service at our workshop where we offer repairs and upgrades for PCs, Laptops, both Mac and Windows.

Hardware & Software Sales – we offer a full range of hardware including PCs, Laptops, Macs, Printers, Monitors, Network Accessories and much more.

To take advantage of any of our On-Demand Services, please visit our Contact Page and give us a call or drop us an email. One of our IT Ninjas will be delighted to serve you!