The Panoptic Team with Van

Panoptic IT Solutions

Panoptic IT Solutions, with offices and engineers in Cork and Kilkenny, is led by husband-and-wife duo David and Sinead Griffith.

David established the business in 2015, having worked in IT for his entire career. For him, it was IT love at first sight when he programmed his Commodore 64 at the age of 9.

With remote support set up, our team can support your business in a cost-effective manner with minimal disruption to your business and the ability to react instantly from the other side of the country, if needed.

That’s why we earned the title of “IT ninjas”.

If you don’t see us, it’s because we are doing a great job.

That’s what our clients will tell you, too. We work with all types of business from hotels, dental and orthodontic surgeries, retailers, schools, manufacturing facilities, printing houses, offices and more.

Our IT ninjas are skilled, can work remotely without disturbing you and your team, and are efficient.

What you don’t want is an IT company who won’t respond when you need them, who are under resourced to serve your needs and have technicians that rub you and your team up the wrong way, leaving you struggling to understand exactly what services you’re paying for.

While we might be silent ninjas, we are also the smiling soldiers on the frontline of IT, armed with the solutions that your business needs.


How we support you

Our customers value our time and skills and how we do business. Our clients also love our friendly team who will always explain the most complicated IT jargon in plain English, so you don’t feel confused.

At the core of what we do is the protection of the flow of information or data in your business, whether internal or external, by supporting your IT systems.

We do that by ensuring you have safe and efficient data creation, sharing, management, storage and collaboration. Your IT network is the lifeline of your business, allowing free-flowing communications across your teams, suppliers and customers.

Our team offer IT support for the day-to-day running of your systems for you and your staff, as well as background support through network management, protection of your internal Wi-Fi and cable data, office PC including machine monitoring and broadband management to make sure all data leaving and entering your business can do so quickly and safely.

A phrase we have all become more aware of is “business continuity”. We provide everything from backups, security, firewalls and server plans, so that in the event of a minor or major disaster, your business can cope.

The Panoptic team can protect your business data from fire and theft, and from dreaded ransomware – which affects businesses of every size, not just large organisations.

We offer cloud services too, with data management and sharing solutions that are safe, GDPR compliant and efficient, while our web and email hosting is all based in Irish data centres.

You are a perfect match for us if your business has between 10 and 50 staff, you’re too small to have a dedicated IT department but big enough to need IT solutions.

Working with us is easy

And don’t worry about breaking up with your existing IT providers. We understand how vulnerable you feel having to do that – data is precious, and your IT service holds the keys to your business continuity.

We will discretely help you transition to our service, while our own conflict resolution policy ensures that you are protected with a clear exit road map should any issues arise while with us.

But working with us is easy. We will first assess where you’re at, where you need to be and how we can get you there.

Your IT will be the simplest thing that you will do in your business each day as you will have a robust IT set-up that supports the business and protects you from anything the day can, and will, throw at it.

This will leave you with peace of mind, a stress-free system, bags of support for your team and less downtime distraction.

Your computer should be waiting for you, you should not be waiting for your computer. You will gain hours of productivity back thanks to our smoother IT systems.  Higher productivity means more efficiency and savings on costs.

A chat with us costs nothing so, give us a call. We are happy to talk about where your IT support is at. If you prefer, you can drop us email too.

We care about your business and we eat, breathe and sleep IT solutions. Let us take that IT headache away so you can focus on running your own business.