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Data Backup & Encryption

Securing your business with Encryption and Backup

Data protection is becoming more and more important and with legislation changing the playing field and putting more emphasis on your responsibilities to protect your customer’s data, it’s essential to look at ways of minimising your risk.

At Panoptic IT Solutions, we offer a range of options to help you to comply with GDPR legislation, but more importantly to assist you in avoiding the headaches that can come with it.


One of the main things to consider is Encryption. If your data is encrypted, you don’t have to worry about it being lost or stolen. We offer very cost-effective encryption solutions such as software to encrypt your PCs and laptops, and hardware encrypted USB pen-drives. Taking these simple steps can save you a huge amount of time and money in the long run. We’ll advise you on the best strategy based on your particular business.


Having a secure backup strategy is something that no business should ignore. Very often this gets put on the long finger, but it’s actually one of the most vital aspects of your business. If your business burned down, or a thief cleaned it out, where would you be? You can replace the hardware at a cost, but what about all your data? Can you get it back? Can a thief gain access to that confidential and personal data? These are the things you need to consider. Panoptic IT Solutions can offer you a secure, encrypted, off-site backup solution that runs automatically and ensures that all your data is safe and secure.