Wi-Fi Network Design, Installation & Mainteance

Wireless networking is at the heart of practically every industry these days, whether you need to provide wireless access for your staff connecting with laptops, mobiles, tablets and credit card machines, or you want to offer free Wifi service to the general public

We cater for every type of business, including the Hospitality Industry, Offices and Office Blocks as well as Call Centres. Depending on the requirement and purpose of the business Wifi network you need, it should be assessed and planned before charging ahead and opening everything up. Wireless networks are easier to intercept due to there being no cables involved and the wireless signal is invisible to the human eye. This means security considerations need to be a core factor in any wireless scenario.

Wireless Networks

For any wireless network, big or small, the design is important. For example, if you are a small business such as a café or restaurant and you want to provide Wifi access to your customers, giving them the Wireless Key from your router is not the right thing to do

This is effectively equivalent to standing outside your premises and handing anyone the key to the front door. They can see your whole network and every device connected to it.

Designing your network to be secure doesn’t have to be complicated, but it has to be taken into account – especially if you have personally identifiable data sitting on any of those devices! In fact, it’s often the case that businesses give out free Wifi just because they can – and also because it’s like water in a tap nowadays, if it’s not there your customers will be screaming for it! However, just because it’s free doesn’t mean you can’t get some value too.

Consider installing a Captive Portal which not only offers peace of mind from a security point of view, but also allows you to gather your customer’s email addresses for marketing purposes in the future. Now that’s a Win-Win!.

Fresh coffee and free Wi-Fi. Close-up of man working on digital tablet while enjoying coffee in cafe
Hands of woman connecting smart home application on her phone to wi-fi router

Ubiquiti UniFi Wi-Fi Design

Once a design has been decided – a process which we make very simple – the next phase is to build out the network. Whether it’s a single access point or a network of 50 access points across a large site, we use Ubiquiti UniFi equipment across the board.

These devices are incredibly robust, they give excellent coverage in all areas and are designed to operate at incredible speeds, supporting even the newest Fibre based internet connections. The UniFi range includes everything from Security Gateways, Firewalls, Switches, Access Points and even outdoor antennas to provide coverage in those important outdoor zones.

Extending the reach of your wireless network in the future is easy, making this the ideal choice for future-proofing your networks.

Free Wi-Fi sign hanging in traditional chinese street restaurant

Manage It

One of the most powerful features of the UniFi system is the ability to manage and control the networks remotely – which means that we can monitor your networks to ensure they are operating correctly. In the case that a fault occurs, or the internet connection drops, we’ll know about it, probably even before you do. Your networks can also be configured remotely by us, so if you want to change the password on your Wifi network, all you have to do is ask! Within a few minutes, the password will change across your entire site. Easy right? That’s what we do – we make things easy!


Remote Connections

Maybe you need a Remote VPN so some users can connect to your main network from home or while on the road?

Or maybe you need to connect two or more offices securely over the Internet? No problem! With our UniFi system installed, we can do this for
you without even leaving our desks.