Datto Gold Partner Program

Delivering top quality services means working with the leading partners in the industry to avail of the most sophisticated and modern solutions to manage and protect your business.

We work heavily with Datto to deliver services such as:

  • Remote Device Monitoring to ensure proactive support, resolving issues before they even become a problem for the customer
  • Backup Solutions for both desktops and servers with some of the most robust and secure cloud backup solutions available on the market
  • Business Continuity Solutions to enable your business to carry on working, even in the wake of a major disaster such as a ransomware attack
  • Cloud Backup Solutions to backup your critical cloud data stored in services such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workplace.

Not only do we use the above solutions to manage and protect all aspects of your business data, we also use Datto’s Professional Services Automation to manage our own business.  This means that we can accurately track everything we do for our customers and have access to this data at our fingertips, at all times.  Speed and efficiency are critical in today’s changing world and we are perfectly positioned to deliver this to customers large or small.

As a Datto Gold Partner, we have access to all of Datto’s offerings and you can be assured that if we are managing your IT, you are in very, very safe hands.  Datto are the world’s leading Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity solutions provider, which is why we choose to partner with them.  Only the best for our customers!